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today’s the day! June 1, 2012

Filed under: Silas — gallyfam @ 1:01 pm

the day we have been waiting for has finally arrived!  

it is silas’ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  

this morning we celebrated by having homemade chocolate chip scones for breakfast.  i was able to go to school and watched silas’ play, “don’t kiss us, we’re just frogs,” in his classroom.  we brought pizza and all joined silas for lunch at the school.  we’ve got friends coming over for an end-of-the-school-year cookout, and silas’ friend will spend the night.  it’s a good day,  wrapping up a wonderful school year!  but now we declare, “BRING ON THE SUMMER!”


One Response to “today’s the day!”

  1. sarah Says:

    kirk and i have both been noticing… nico and tate STILL look a lot alike! same haircut helps too… see you all soon!!!!

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