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from the gallagher five.

back to life. September 4, 2012

Filed under: Lincoln,Silas — gallyfam @ 2:34 pm

so, the school year is into its third week already for us summit county residents.  the first few weeks have been pretty abnormal, though.  none of them have been a full week, with holidays and assessments and all those random things thrown into the beginning of the year.  next week will officially be our first full, real week of school. which means that i hope to start posting on a somewhat regular basis (hmmm…) again soon.  all that said, the boys are loving school so far this year.  silas enjoys his class & teacher & fourth grade, and lincoln is thrilled beyond measure to be in kindergarten… FINALLY!  and tate even seems to be loving having mom and dad all to himself at home.  go figure!  here are a couple first-day-of-school photos to hold you over until i really get rolling.

silas’ first day of fourth grade!

lincoln & me on his first day of kindergarten!

daddy & our new kindergartner.




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