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a good year ahead. September 10, 2012

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for one reason or another (well, many reasons, actually), i have a great feeling about this year.  there are so many things that i’m excited about, thankful for or looking forward to.  the boys both had soccer games on saturday:

lincoln’s game.

this is moments after lincoln scored his first goal of the season (right at the very end of the game)!

silas chases down the ball.

lots of running on a larger playing field…

it was a glorious, cloudless, rich blue sky day.  it felt very reflective of how i feel inside these days.  hopeful, excited, peaceful, joyful, content.  here are the reasons why (just off the top of my head):

~ lincoln started kindergarten and is LOVING it everyday.

~ we love his teacher, ms. wendy, and his class size (14)!

~ silas is also loving 4th grade so far, even though his best friend is in the other class.

~ we learned that his teacher (who is also a mom) gives as little homework as possible… YES!!

~ it is much easier and quieter at home during the day with just one boy left with us.

~ i’m looking forward to more quality one-on-one time with our tate boy.

~ we have a new principal at school this year (silas & lincoln & phil have all said that he reminds them of uncle kirk!).  we have really enjoyed getting to know him so far and seem to have a lot in common.

~ after meeting the principal’s wife yesterday (in their new house, on block away from ours), i instantly liked her.  [not-so-]secretly hoping that all four of us (or seven of us, if you will) can become close friends.

~ got to know another soccer family this past weekend who we have a LOT in common with.  pleasantly surprised by another prospect for good family friends.

~ silas was one of only FOUR students in grades 3-10 in the entire school district to score a 100% on his TCAP tests last spring (that is like an IOWA basic, for you MN friends).  he is being recognized at the school board meeting tomorrow night. so proud of him!

~ i get to go away for two nights/three days on a SCY planning retreat with my husband this weekend, which means that we get to look at the entire year of SCY and sketch out what the year & each week will look like.  i’m looking forward to not only having a PLAN for the year, but some uninterrupted time with my husband.

~ i get to invest in a special friend of mine who entered middle school this year.  we are meeting once a week after school for a treat, to look at her homework & classes, tutor in math and talk about life in general.  having NO daughters of my own, i’m really looking forward to this special time with a girl whom i love like family.

~ our playgroup co-op is small enough this year that each of us moms only will work three times, and i even get to try hosting it at my house when it’s my turn to work.  yay!

~ i have ONE official photo shoot left for GOODS, the clothing store my friend owns downtown.  with a fuller plate running two SCY programs this year, i’m letting go of this part-time job i’ve done for three years on the side.  while i’ve loved helping my friend with his business, i’m VERY relieved to have less to juggle this year.

~ i have lost over 40 pounds and i’m finally holding steady at a healthy weight for me!

~ i get to start volunteering in both boys’ classrooms soon, and i always enjoy being in the schools and in their worlds.  so blessed to be at a school that encourages parent volunteers!

~ i love, LOVE, love our new dishwasher and microwave.

~ a new thrift store opened up in town that takes donations 6 days/week.  last week, i scored a tupperware cereal box in great condition after just thinking that i should buy some to keep bulk cereal in…

~ got to run with a friend over labor day weekend, twice!  i’m always grateful for her wisdom and insightful conversations.  highlight of the weekend for me!  not to mention camping in our new tent that the whole family LOVES…

~ phil is meeting with a spiritual director this year, and i’m super excited about that for him.

~ phil is speaking at BCM throughout september, and i love to hear him speak.  always so proud to be married to him — he is so gifted at public speaking & putting together innovative thoughts and ideas.

~ good books that are on our bedside tables:  mitten strings for God (every mom should read it!), 7, let your life speak, the gift of being yourself, interrupted, kisses from katie…

~ got to see a bear outside our bedroom window two nights in a row, trying to get into our trash can… fortunately he was unsuccessful.  thank goodness for bear-proof cans!  unfortunately, it was two weeks after phil’s dad (who LOVES to see wildlife of all kinds out here) & mom had visited.

~ got to have coffee/lunch with two good friends last week.  always love that girl time!

~ got a huge compliment from my friend who recently got married…  she said my photos were better than the professional’s that she hired!

~ love watching silas read in bed with his headlamp at bedtime.  he is reading catching fire right now, and we are thankful for the conversations the hunger games series brings up in our family.

~ our boys are at great ages right now…  growing up, but still young enough to play imaginatively.

~ lincoln lost his first two teeth this summer.

~ lincoln also learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!

~ loving the beautiful yellows, golds & oranges of the aspens around here.  yes, it is already that time of year… and i love every moment of it.


that’s just off the top of my head.  i could keep going and going…  hope your days are also filled with hope and joy!


One Response to “a good year ahead.”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Annie,
    that is an amazing list! The Lord Jesus is filling you up to overflowing with His love and joy. So enjoy hearing about Gally life!
    Love MOM

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