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GOOD news… October 28, 2012

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So we asked you to pray, then had to rush out of town to our annual BCM Retreat… I (Phil) was speaking & Anne was in charge of the logistics and helping with the entertainment for the weekend. AND, there is no cellular signal there… ridiculous. With that said, sorry to leave you hanging.

My mom is now home and feeling much better… trying to rest up. To make a long story short, her heart rate was behaving in abnormal ways which affected her body and freaked all of us out. After a ride in an ambulance, being hospitalized and TONS of tests… all results are conclusive that her heart is okay. She was released on Saturday afternoon.

Now for what I consider to be A-mazing news… one of the blood tests showed that she had a 2,000 white blood cell count on Friday (on Monday her count was 20,000-double that of a normal person because of the shot she received to boost numbers in anticipation of a drastic decline due to the chemo). Well, the decline… has come and gone 🙂 On Saturday afternoon her count had gone back up to 7,800!!!
GOOD news indeed 🙂

All of this helps with expectations for the next time around and will also give us more detailed and specific ways to pray. Again, thank you SO much for all of your prayers!

What you can still pray for: stomach pains & cramping (afternoons & evenings are the worst; avoiding all illnesses & infections; and finally, my mom’s sister Peggy who is presently hospitalized for breast cancer that has spread throughout her body… doctors don’t feel there is much else they can do for her than try to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Thank you!


One Response to “GOOD news…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Go God! Go Judy! Thank you for the update, Phil! Will pray for Peggy.

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