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he’s a lover, not a fighter. November 11, 2012

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okay, so he fights with his brothers like any other 6-year-old boy would… but our Lincoln is definitely a lover.  the other day in the car on our way home from SCY, silas decided that tate, our 3 1/2-year-old, is a story teller, that lincoln is a lover, and that he, silas, is a thinker.  a pretty accurate observation, i’d say.  lincoln is my snuggly, affectionate, crawl-into-my-lap and smother-me-with-giggly-hugs kind of boy.

our lincoln boy turned SIX last month.  it took me that long to squeeze in time to photograph him with black & white film, as i do for each of my boys’ birthdays, and to get the film developed and uploaded onto the computer.  lincoln’s look is changing, but he is still the cutie pie that he has been since birth.  it’s amazing how quickly they grow once they enter the world of elementary school.  he is a heartbreaker and a social butterfly.  even though he was painfully shy the first two years of life, he has grown into the life of the party.  he was more than ready for kindergarten this year.  as one of the oldest students in his class, he is thriving at math (go figure!) and reading & writing.  as kindergarten drew closer over the summer, we heard more & more frequently of lincoln’s desire to learn to read.  it is such a joy to have him bring home a beginner book from school and read the words as i track them with my finger each day.  he is catching on so quickly, and it is so fun to watch him enjoy all of the privileges of being a kindergartener.  i cannot believe the number of boys in his class that have been asking to have playdates with the boy… he is a good friend.  apparently, he does not reserve his love just for family members!

at the end-of-first-quarter conferences, it was really fun to talk with his teacher, ms. wendy, about how he is doing in school.  he is well-behaved, he is a good listener, he is respecting other students’ personal space (whew!) and he is excelling in everything he does.  yes, i know i’m bragging, but he gives me plenty to brag about.  one of my favorite things about lincoln is the way he draws.  he has a definite creative streak, and the way he draws is completely endearing.  ms. wendy said that the thing she appreciates and admires most about lincoln is his empathy.  one of the other students in class was saying some words incorrectly due to a speech impediment, and some of the other kids were beginning to make fun of him.  ms. wendy told us that without any prompting, lincoln spoke right up and turned the conversation around by saying, “you know what?  i used to not even say my own name right.  i said ‘WINCOLN!'”  as a weekly volunteer in his classroom, it is wonderful to see lincoln in his new element — loving life at breckenridge elementary.  nearly every morning when he wakes up, the first two questions out of his mouth are 1) do i get to go to school today?? and 2) do i get to ride the bus?!?  what a big boy.

silly face.

my sweet boy.

as hawkeye for halloween.

with two favorite toys.

all smiles.

balancing toys on his ears…

hiding on his top bunk.

funny faces with his brothers.

lincoln, you are a bright and shining gift to our family.  life would not be the same without your affection and joy.  we love you!


One Response to “he’s a lover, not a fighter.”

  1. Erika Says:

    Such a doll that Lincoln……Silas hit the nail on the head! Love it. And love that Lincoln. Happy 6th birthday Lincoln!

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