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Round 3 along with some test results. November 27, 2012

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This coming Thursday is the beginning of my mom’s third dosage of Chemo. It’s ridiculous how time flies. But once again, we are looking for any who will pray throughout the day for her. Just send me a time and I will send your name onto her so she knows exactly who’s praying and when. This kind of support is amazing so thank you.

In addition, she had a PET scan just yesterday and will be receiving the results some time Thursday… these results will let her know exactly how effective the chemo has been & once she receives a “clean” scan she will only need 2 further rounds of chemo… so please pray for that as well. We are all very anxious!


One Response to “Round 3 along with some test results.”

  1. Rose Ann Konkler Says:

    Fil since Gary & I will be in the car most of the day I will commit to praying of Judy on the hour from 9 to 3

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