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new year… January 3, 2013

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i’m not one for making huge new year’s resolutions.  the things that i have truly resolved to do, like start running, have happened only if and when i am ready, when the time is right for me.  not necessarily when a calendar tells me it’s time to make some changes.  that being said, i don’t have any big resolutions to share on this third day of 2013.  however, in the back of my mind, i would like to resume blogging again here on a more regular basis.  to share some thoughts, some photos, and what we as a family of five are up to.  let’s start out the year with the photo that is on the desktop of our imac at the moment.  a good glimpse into my life and heart is my current favorite photo.  this one is from our christmas day snowshoe hike, just up the road from our house.  enjoy!  and happy, happy new year to you all.

my favorite guys!

my favorite guys!


One Response to “new year…”

  1. Rachele Says:

    I love this photo (and knowing you were behind the camera!!)

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