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so i said… March 23, 2013

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i posted some photos of silas after his birthday back in um, january, (although i didn’t post them until, uh, february) and then i promised to post a blog about our si boy.  well, as i’m sure you are aware, it’s the end of march.  another son’s birthday has come and gone, and i have yet to pick up where i left off.  ugh, i hate it when that happens.

phil took me to denver for two full days (and an overnight in a great hotel downtown) this week to celebrate my birthday, which comes up next week.  yes, we do have a lot of birthdays between jan & april (phil’s is in a few weeks as well).  then we take a break until lincoln’s in october again.  anyway, phil & i had a wonderful time shopping, eating, resting, running on the cherry creek trail downtown, drooling over all the amazing-looking new books at the bookstore, getting our portrait taken (phil’s surprise for me), and even test-driving a couple cars and dreaming about becoming a two-car family at some point in the somewhat near future.  what a concept!  : )  perhaps when silas enters middle school…  we’ll see.  anyway!  all of what WE did is beside the point.  the thing that blew me away is what silas said in the car, headed home, after we had picked up the boys from our friends’ house when we pulled back into town.  for the VERY first time, silas said, “how was YOUR time in Denver?”  i don’t believe that questions has ever been reciprocated.  crazy.  he is growing up, and he is thinking about & considering the people around him.  pretty characteristic of who our si boy has always been.

silas is a smart kid.  he is a reader.  i love how he reads in bed in the dark with a headlamp — he shares a room with his little brothers. he is currently reading the rick riordan’s heroes of olympus series, and he is reading the latest book that was released.  he is bummed to have to wait until next october for the next one to come out.  he LOVES learning about greek gods & mythology.  he can tell you which god/goddess came from where and whom, how they were born, what they control, etc.  very similar to his pokemon-obsession from a few years back.  he had every one of the 400+ pokemons memorized, including their strengths, powers, moves and which other pokemon they evolved into.  the kid REALLY gets into something when he is into it.  today at target, he was looking at some of the pokemon stuffed animals (i was wondering if he was considering giving up some of his hard-saved cash — i would say hard-earned, but you know, i can’t honestly say that — to buy one).  he put it down, walked away and we reminisced a bit about his pokemon days.  he is a smart spender.  he has a lot saved up and he isn’t going to blow it on just anything.  but he also gave up saving for an iPad, too, because he realized he just doesn’t need one of his own either.

silas chooses his friends wisely.  he has two best friends, and he has a whole group of boys that he runs around with at school.  but he is very aware of the group dynamics and where there is tension and he steers clear.  he has told us on multiple occasions that he isn’t playing __________ (fill-in-the-blank) with the boys at recess any more because so-and-so always gets mad at someone else, those two guys always end up fighting, etc.  he avoids drama and doesn’t like to see his friends’ feelings get hurt.  he is a loyal friend and a peacemaker.  while he is not always aware of it, he is a leader among his buddies at school.

silas is a thinker and yes, i know i’ve said it before.  i’m not just referring to intelligence.  he is thoughtful.  he is considerate.  he is not perfect 100% of the time, because he often drives us crazy at home, picking on his brothers, scaring the crap out of them at times (to the point of tears), getting sent to his room alone, etc.  but he is such a GOOD boy.  he has a good, kind heart and he uses his head.  more often than not, he is looking for ways to play with his little brothers, instead of scheming ways to drive them crazy.

middle school will be coming up in a year and a half for the boy, so i’ve found myself thinking about the future a lot.  i know he will rise to the challenge gloriously.  he will have friends who will surround him and protect him, both in his own grade and in years ahead of him.  he will breeze through his classes with flying colors.  and more importantly, he will continue to become everything that God dreams for him to be.  his asking us how our time alone was, to me, a glimpse of things to come.  i am excited to watch him grow and i’m looking forward to how our relationship with our son will deepen over the years as well…

happy birthday, si boy.  you are my favorite first-born.  i love you like crazy.



5 Responses to “so i said…”

  1. Tricia McCaffrey Hyon Says:

    Beautiful Anne.

    Tricia McCaffrey Hyon 9703907347 tmh@imiliving.com Vice President of Sales -Mountain Region IMI Managing Broker One Ski Hill Place-Vail Resorts Development Company

  2. Erika Says:

    Oh my, Anne. You brought me to tears with that one. What a sweet oldest boy you have. He does so great w/ the little kiddos too. Love you Si!!

  3. Katie Buller Says:

    a very beautiful and accurate written picture of a special special guy–we love you Silas!
    XOXOX Bullers

  4. sarah Says:

    love you si! you are my favorite first nephew, and we’re proud of you! miss you.
    sarah and the livesay fam

  5. lhassler Says:

    Anne, he sounds just like I remember you being when we were that age.

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