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more from mile markers… May 8, 2013

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“Did you know that studies have shown that the best way to foster positive body image in girls is for their mothers to speak kindly and positively about their own bodies in their company? When I pull on a swimsuit or check out my rearview in a pair of jeans in earshot of my daughters, I make a point to say, ‘Right on, girl,’ and wink at myself in the mirror. After all, if I don’t think my own aging booty is cute, how on earth will my girls ever appreciate their own?”

“And I had to wonder about my own outline — if I could lie still enough, without wiggling self-consciously or making remarks while being traced. I wondered if I would be completely at ease with my image on the paper and what words I would choose today to fill in the description of the woman inside.”

(Kristin Armstrong)


One Response to “more from mile markers…”

  1. Sara Jean Says:

    love this.

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