tall tales

from the gallagher five.

continued… May 9, 2013

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“Confident on the Inside means: You are wise enough to accept God’s definition of who you are, and you are strong enough not to accept counterfeit messages. You know your own beauty and are grateful for it, never needing to promote or pollute it. You possess awareness of your talents, as well as the humility and generosity to share them. You can say yes and no with equal certainty. You live and love big — never needing to play small or belittle others. You can say ‘Thank you’ to a compliment as easily as you can say ‘Forgive me’ or ‘I forgive you’ to a mistake. Confident on the Inside means you feel so comfortable in your own skin that your very presence is an invitation to freedom for others. Confident on the Inside knows no age.”


“I tried to explain to them that I could no more separate myself from running, writing, mothering, and praying than you can separate a single ingredient from a loaf of baked bread. Sooner or later, we just have to own and enjoy who we are, the whole crazy concoction.”



2 Responses to “continued…”

  1. Sara Jean Says:

    where is that quote from? sounds like great a great author.

  2. Sara Jean Says:

    oops, just saw the “mile marker” book. =)

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