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more food for thought… May 12, 2013

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… especially today, on mother’s day.  “death by comparison” is an all-too-often occurrence.  let’s give ourselves permission to be moms (parents) 100% our own way.  a friend once encouraged me and gave me the freedom to be a mom while remaining 100% anne.  i’ve never forgotten those life-giving words.  let’s not compare ourselves with other moms, other friends, other women.  let’s celebrate and daily embrace who we are as individuals… and be THAT person to the fullest.


more thoughts from Kristin:

“I have a ceramic sign that hangs in my office: ‘Run your own race.’ This mantra is huge to me, in my running life and in every other aspect of life as well. So many things can be compared to the analogy of the race — parenting, career, deadlines, relationships, etc. When we look around at what or how other people are doing rather than at what our own race holds, we waste time and energy.”


“In those moments when ‘good enough’ no longer feels like enough, I need to stop and breathe. I need to figure out if the voice that is criticizing me is the voice of truth, calling me in earnest to step it up, or if it is the voice of doubt, the sole purpose of which is to undermine my core. I need to respond to the truth. I need to turn up my iPod on doubt.”


“Contentment and improvement are not mutually exclusive. It is indeed possible to be good enough in the midst of getting better.”



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