tall tales

from the gallagher five.

may you… May 14, 2013

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gain the insight to recognize what truly makes you come alive.

may you find the passion to chase after that thing full-heartedly.

may you muster the courage to stare down the risk of failure as you go.


“We all need to find the thing we love to do as much as Paige loves to ride her horse. And we know the passions of the people we love. Because if we can’t articulate and activate our heart’s desires, what exactly are we doing anyway, marking time?… We have to know what carries us away.”


“If you have a friend who has a gift, tell them, quickly. It really matters. If you have a gift you have been stuffing or hiding away, waiting for a more ‘feasible’ time, stop stalling. Dust off that dream; reclaim that passion; pull it out of the attic trunk, shake it out, try it on like a musty old garment, and see if it still fits. Because it probably does. It’s probably the most natural-feeling thing you have ever worn.”


“Passion comprises a few key ingredients: the ability to recognize the things that really stir you, the courage to go after them, and the steady internal fire to press on even when the dream has phases of drudgery.”


“It’s the catch-22 of being a grown-up, simultaneously wanting certain things but being scared to death of them at the same time. We have to own whatever is our equivalent of the guy in the orange shorts and realize until we are brave enough to acknowledge the desire (for love, for friendship, for a promotion, for a chance at adventure, for a shot at pursuing a dream) we will never, ever have the opportunity to see it blossom in our life.”


(quotes from mile markers, by kristin armstrong)



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