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time rushes onward… August 22, 2013

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…and i can nearly feel the wind in its wake.  it is almost tangible.  every year at this time, the start of a new school year, i get the sense that time is moving forward, a bit more hurriedly than i’d like.  it makes me feel partially excited and somewhat sorrowful.  it is always bittersweet.  to watch your children grow up and move on from places that you know they’ll never return to.  thankfully, the path ahead leads to new and exciting adventures.



silas is settling into 5th grade, where he is busy laughing at his teacher’s jokes, enjoying new privileges (like eating his snack at any time of his own choosing), and discussing deodorant and personal hygiene with his humored parents.  apparently, lincoln spends his days in the 1st grade taking (& dominating) timed addition and subtraction tests when he isn’t busy chasing his lady friends on the playground!  and tate?  well, he seems perfectly content to have mom & dad all to himself again at home.  he enjoys playdates with his buddies and is breaking in his very own soccer cleats in his first-ever soccer season.

while we can’t convince time to sloooooow doooooown, we ourselves can stop.  take a moment.  breathe.  truly look at our children.  drink them in.  listen intently to their stories.

and whisper a prayer of thanks.


3 Responses to “time rushes onward…”

  1. Rose Ann Says:

    loves those boys. Growing up so fast! and their momma is great journaler 😛
    MOM xoxo

  2. Sara Jean Says:

    i love this post. love how you and Phil love your boys.

  3. sarah Says:

    love you guys and those beautiful boys. they are growing fast! i need to see them in person again sometime!!! i can relate with your sentiments here, sis. love you annie.

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