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our sweet seven-year-old. December 5, 2013

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meet lincoln.  he is our middle son, and he turned SEVEN two short months ago…

lincoln is my lover.  he is a feeler.  he experiences and deeply feels emotional highs and lows daily.  he loves to laugh.  his giggle is infectious.  he is silly.  he cries frequently, from hurt feelings, physical hurts, or out of pure frustration.  he loves to snuggle and touch.  he is 100% “guy,” using surprisingly manly gestures and vocabulary for a 7 year-old.  once, one of the shyest toddlers i knew, he has grown into quite the opposite.  he connects with people naturally and instinctively.  children and adults alike are drawn to him.  he begs for playdates.  lincoln is Mr. Popular in his class at school.  he has a girlfriend and isn’t embarrassed by it.  lincoln is also an introvert.  he continues to seek out time to play alone with his dice, daily (much to the chagrin of his brothers, at times).  he cannot be guilted or tricked out of it.  he also loves to take his electric scooter out for a ride around the neighborhood on his own.

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as in any family with young children, from time to time, our boys come into our room in the middle of the night after having a bad dream.  this rarely happens with our oldest son, but the last time it did, he came in wearing a headlamp, and we woke up out of a dead sleep to a blinding light.  our youngest son comes down the most frequently, as he is only four years old.  these two boys will have nightmares of monsters, zombies, bad guys breaking into our house and so on.  not my lincoln.  he came into our room last night after a bad dream, climbed into bed with us (not unusual for any of our boys in this situation), and needed to snuggle.  he put his forehead against mine, found my hand and held it.  when i finally brought him back to his bed, we needed to cuddle some more.  i didn’t ask what his dream was about last night, but the time before that?!?  lincoln said he dreamed that i didn’t love him any more!  a pretty clear difference between lincoln and his brothers, i think.


lincoln loves art.  he creates beautiful and colorful drawings.  he likes to take pictures on his small, hand-me-down digital camera.  following in his big brother’s footsteps (or mom & dad’s — we get to claim credit for the good stuff, right?), lincoln is amazing at math.  he’s way ahead of the game, flying through extra worksheets on adding and subtracting 3 and 4-digit numbers in first grade.  and rarely making mistakes.  he is a natural reader as well, passing all of his “sight word” tests first in his class.  he does well in school and loves to go.  probably one reason that his little brother is SO looking forward to kindergarten next fall.

26310003 copy

here are some random lincoln facts for you.  lincoln doesn’t like to eat breakfast.  when he does, it’s usually a piece of bread, or yogurt.  lincoln HATES bell peppers — even the smell of them.  he will sit at the opposite end of the table if we have them for dinner.  lincoln sleeps without a shirt on almost every night.  he also sleeps on top of his comforter, under his special blanket.  we suspect this is so that his bed is already made each morning…  lincoln takes the best care of his hamster, speedy.  he will feed and hold him more than his brothers do for their hamsters.  lincoln is awful at brushing his teeth.  he screams at the top of his lungs when he vomits.  he loves to ride the bus home from school.  lincoln is obsessed with sour candy.

26310004 copy

and that’s lincoln.  he wears his heart on his sleeve.  our 7-year-old man boy.

we LOVE you, lincoln, harder than we can squeeze you.


2 Responses to “our sweet seven-year-old.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    love this annie. so well written. what a tender and wonderful boy!

  2. Erika Kaltenbach (Nelson) Says:

    That Lincoln, such a great kid. You captured him so perfectly!! I will FOREVER remember how much he loved Lukie when he was a baby. A tender heart sweet Lincoln has 🙂

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