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a long time comin’… March 24, 2014

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well, it is just plain embarrassing how long it’s been since i’ve posted on our blog…  my last post was in DECEMBER (about lincoln’s OCTOBER birthday… ahem!) and before that it was AUGUST.  yikes!!  i must apologize for what has been the best of intentions and absolutely zero follow-through.  oy.  this explains why it’s already the end of march and just two short blogs ago, we were celebrating the beginning of another school year.  it is astonishing to me that the END of the school year is already in sight!!  astonishing AND exciting, i readily admit.  but time does fly by, doesn’t it?!

speaking of the way time flies, our oldest son, SILAS, turned 11 back in the middle of january.  11!  phil & i have been parents for over 11 years now, and this sweet young man you see before you has taken the brunt of most of our parenting experiments.  we told him the other day that, like almost every firstborn child, he is our proverbial “guinea pig.”  however, if the quality of the child reflects the quality of the parenting techniques (wouldn’t we all like to take the credit for our incredible offspring!), you could say we’ve done a stellar job.  we have made many typical rookie mistakes along the way… but we have learned a lot in the past 11 years, and thankfully, silas does not seem to be too deeply scarred.




who is this 11-year-old silas?  the most surprising answer to that question is… a football junkie!  he loves to play football with his friends during recess at school and in the neighborhood.  he loves to cheer for teams in the nfl — his two favorite teams played each other in the super bowl this year!  not only did the seahawks beat the broncos (BADly) to win the super bowl — they apparently advanced to first place in silas’ heart as well.  he purchased a seahawks jersey with birthday money that he wears with pride.  his favorite activity from a recent quick-trip to denver was catching the football as he jumped into the pool at the hotel…  si is not-so-secretly keeping his fingers crossed that mom & dad will let him play football on the school team next year!  [gulp.]  silas also loves to swim, play basketball, video games (that one goes without saying, right?!) and snowboard.  this winter, silas took a risk and tried something new.  he joined a local organization called “sos” that teaches kids snowboarding and leadership skills.  once he overcame his initial hesitancies, he quickly grew to LOVE the sport.  he has two full days left to snowboard with “sos” this season, and i assume he will spend a LOT of time on the mountain next year!




silas is a devoted friend.  for his birthday, he had his two closest friends spend the night and then we all went to “xtreme challenge” in denver — a new find for our family!  it is basically a warehouse where you are coached through many different american-gladiator-style stunt-like challenges — in other words, “heaven” for boys’ silas’ age.  jack, wyatt & silas (and little brothers, tate & lincoln, too) got to climb cargo nets, hang from harnesses, become human wrecking balls, climb ropes and spin through the air.  it was a good, albeit dizzy, time had by all.  we’re always changing it up at your house when it comes to birthday parties.  silas had a big party last year, so this year, we kept it low-key.  silas has known jack since they were both babies and wyatt and si have become close in the past few years, even though wyatt is a couple years older.  he is very committed to these special friendships.  in my mind, the greatest compliment that silas received earlier this school year was from a classmate who said silas is “drama-free.”  coming from a class where the boys outnumber the girls 3 to 1, and pre-adolescent hormones run high, there can be a lot of boy-drama!  (the girls take over in the drama department in middle school, right?!?)  i hope and pray that silas continues to be the kind of friend that he wants to have — no rude words to others or about them behind their backs, always including others and assuming the best, compromising and considering others and their feelings before his own, full of patience, grace and kindness.  clearly no one is perfect, but we do know his heart is BIG, and i hope he continues to follow his heart, not only in his friendships, but in all things.




silas is entering that in-between world, where i suppose he will remain for the next few years: not really a child anymore, but certainly not a man yet.  this fall, he will enter middle school and take on all the new and strange and delightfully awkward things that come with it.  he’s already interested in girls — or at least one, specifically, that he’s had a crush on for some time.  leave it to silas to be able to spot her in a crowd of thousands of people at the imagine dragons concert that phil & i took him to for his birthday just a couple weeks ago (first concert!).  he knew she was there somewhere and he would not rest until he found her.  i guess he had no doubt he could do it — he kept scanning the sold-out pepsi center in between each opening band — until he successfully locked in on her location.  a month before, he saved up various candy bars and chocolate hearts that he had received on a number of occasions so that he could slip a baggie filled with chocolate treats into her backpack for valentine’s day!  the best part is, he had the guts to man up and include a signed valentine. (that’s my boy!)  while there are so many signs that he is growing up and GROWing up (that boy-appetite that i’ve heard so much about is FINALLY kicking in, and i can guarantee facial hair is right around the corner…), i absolutely embrace those moments when i catch a glimpse of the little boy that’s still in there somewhere.  like when i took the boys to the thrift store a couple months ago, and silas was still the first one to start pulling stuffed animals off the shelf that he just HAD to take home.  like when the pokemon cards come out and the boys battle for hours, just like they used to.  like when our 6-year-old neighbor comes over to play with lincoln & tate, and silas can’t resist joining in, too.  or when he nonchalantly lingers around the boys’ room at his younger brothers’ bedtime to hear their bedtime story…  moments like those still melt this mama’s heart.


64350008  64350007

64350011  64350012  64350013


while silas can certainly drive us all crazy at times, these boys are truly blessed to have him as their big brother.  silas is the best of the best, and i do not mind at all that they have him to look up to!

si, keep on being you.  you are an incredible son, an awesome big brother, a loyal & true friend, and you are one amazing young man.  we can’t wait to see the great things you do this year — just you being YOU!


2 Responses to “a long time comin’…”

  1. Ann Heerey Says:

    Welcome back, Anne – we’ve missed you! Enjoyed your loving and thoughtful writing about Silas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gallyfam Says:

    thanks, fi! : )

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