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a new era. August 23, 2014

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this is tate’s first kindergarten assignment that he brought home.  i love his little name that he wrote out at the top.  and, i love his drawing, too — his prediction, of course, is 100% BOY, just like tate.  this piece of paper marks the beginning of a new era for us — all three of our boys are officially in school.  it is a strange sensation to be sure.  one that i haven’t grown accustomed to in the slightest — granted, they’ve only all been in school for two days so far…

i post this photo in an effort to jumpstart my blogging.  i’d really like to post more regularly now that the boys are all in school, while we navigate the first months of this new life stage for us Gallaghers.  so, i hope to be back real soon.  in the meantime, here’s a first-day-of-school photo for you to enjoy!  thanks for reading.  : )


lincoln (2nd grade), tate (Kindergarten), silas (6th grade)


2 Responses to “a new era.”

  1. sara jean Says:

    love this new season and so excited to see where it takes you. excited to hear more from you on your blog. love you friend!

  2. Erika Kaltenbach (Nelson) Says:

    I haven’t checked your blog forever but I did today – and am excited about the more blog posts part!! And shockingly, Jude’s prediction and picture looks almost identical to Tate’s ;). It’s either throw up or poop. Jude showed that picture to Luke and Luke said “dat soooo funny”.

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