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changes… September 10, 2014

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i tried to write a blog post a day or two ago concerning all the many changes we are currently experiencing as a family.  it quickly became a rambling tirade of the whats and whys behind all the changes and transitions.  bleeeeck.  i just can’t handle it.  i couldn’t finish it.  it’s too much to try to fully capture or explain what we’re experiencing during this major transitionary moment in our lives.  i decided to scrap it.  instead, i thought i’d post single photos that represent some of those changes.  maybe i’ll have it in me to describe which specific change is represented by the photo, if it’s not fairly obvious by the content of the photo itself.  maybe.  (i just got home from substitute teaching a class of 24 first-graders, so you can understand my lack of motivation, and my desire to curl up and rest in some quiet, quiet place…)

without further ado…  here’s the first photo.



our sweet son, tate, and my amazing husband in the background!

here is our youngest son, tate, who started kindergarten this year.  this is him, lined up and MORE than ready to go in, on the very first day.  i’ve already referenced this major change for our family in a previous post.  BUT, it’s clearly a big one for tate, for us as parents and for our whole family.  it’s actually kinda the instigator of most of the rest of the life changes we are currently in the middle of making… which i will get to slowly but surely.

so far, tate is LOVING kindergarten.  he has Ms. Wendy as a teacher — the same kindergarten teacher that both of his big brothers had as well.  she. is. amazing.  we are one lucky family and tate is one lucky kid.  he also gets to have his good friend, jude, in his class and his big brother, lincoln, to look up to and see at lunch & recess, etc.  we love the boys’ elementary school and we ADORE the teachers.  i’m so grateful that this particular change has gone so smoothly.  tate is a natural!


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