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one sweet nine-year-old. November 29, 2015

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so, this blog seems to have become a place where i blog about each of our boys after their birthdays. aaaaand, nothing else in between. let’s just put it out there — if you’ve spoken with us this year, you know we Gallaghers are in the middle of a very FULL year, to say the least. it’s my hope that in the future i’ll be able to return to blogging here on a more frequent & consistent basis. however, for now, i’m going to settle for birthdays and let myself off the hook with a deep sigh of “good enough.” okay. end of disclaimer.

our lincoln-boy turned 9 in october. we’re in that phase of life where you notice little subtleties that reveal the undeniable fact of your children growing older. lincoln is looking, acting and talking more & more like a young man and less & less like the little boy he used to be. his mannerisms, the stories he tells, and even his vocabulary (phil will tell you that lincoln uses the word “technically” ALL the time — some times even correctly) point to a boy who is growing up. he’s now 9 years old. his final year of the single digits.

we were catching up with some old friends the other day and the story came up of lincoln’s ski accident at the end of last winter. because lincoln walked away unscathed, i tend not to think about it much, especially 6 months after the fact. but, re-telling the story to friends who hadn’t heard it, remembering how he had fallen and twisted one of his legs a full 180 degrees so that it was actually completely backwards as he lay there on the ski slope… remembering being on the receiving end of that awful & terrifying phone call and the immediate rush of adrenaline it ignited… remembering how small and fragile lincoln looked in that emergency room bed with an IV in his arm, a brace on his leg, and a look of fear in his eyes… re-living those moments with our friends reminded me of the GIFT that is lincoln and the scare of losing him. how truly and deeply grateful i am that he was unharmed and miraculously walked away from the trauma with only a headache and a sore leg.


over this past summer, lincoln became a voracious reader. it might have been the beautiful new library in breckenridge & its summer reading program, our family’s annual “summer challenge” or perhaps lincoln’s innate need for alone time, but he began reading at every turn. he would read and re-read many books — especially the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and the Big Nate series. for his birthday, he received the first two books from the Treasure Hunters series, and he read them both in a short few days. i love his growing love for reading, for stories, for adventure. i love watching him get lost in a good book — another sign of growing up, if you ask me.

for his birthday, lincoln had a slumber party and invited five friends. it was a classic birthday celebration in the Konkler tradition. we tie-dyed t-shirts, played blackout bingo with blank bingo cards to be filled in with facts about lincoln, and we played “night” games. whereas growing up in the Konkler home, we loved to play sardines, it was all “murder in the dark” for lincoln’s party — and the boys ate it up. apparently several of the boys even wrote about it in their 3rd grade class the following week, much to my embarrassment when we found out about it at conferences! “Murder in the Dark? Well, it’s not quite what you think. Slitting throats? Well, yes, BUT, it’s not as bad as it sounds…” oh boy!


because of his older brother, lincoln tends to want to be & act older than he is. actually, “murder in the dark” is a game we learned from three 20-something guys, so there’s that, too. but he is always trying to keep up with his 12-year-old brother and his friends. in most ways, he does pretty well, too. thankfully, he’s reached the year at school where he is one of the “older” students — as a 3rd grader, he eats with the 4th & 5th grade students. he gets to participate in choir for the first time. also, he is very excited to try basketball for the first time come january! both activities that he watched his big brother do, and FINALLY, it’s lincoln’s turn to be a big kid! it is FUN to watch him experiences these new privileges.

who is this lincoln boy? he is true to the lincoln we’ve always known him to be. he’s a lover, a feeler, an empathetic, affectionate boy with strong emotions. he laughs hard and cries hard (oh, you should’ve heard him sob when he shattered the screen of the new iPod touch he received for his birthday… ON his birthday!). he likes to hug and snuggle and he still comes to sit or stand by me, just to be close. while he’s begun giving hugs at the car this year at school drop-off (as opposed to on the playground in front of his friends), he still wants that hug and would never step foot towards school without it! lincoln is a good & loyal friend to many, with a sensitivity and compassion for others. he has a precious affinity towards younger children and babies. he’s a smarty-pants in school and good at math, art, reading and writing. he typically makes good choices and readily admits to the poor ones. he continues to play with his dice nearly everyday and enjoys this creative, independent play and downtime. he bites his fingernails and TOEnails religiously, gets bloody noses frequently, and likes to repeat funny stories a time or two too many.


who is lincoln? lincoln is our sweet son with a huge heart. we wouldn’t trade him for anyone else. happy birthday, mr. 9!  we love you!!



2 Responses to “one sweet nine-year-old.”

  1. Aunt FiFi Says:

    Anne, a beautiful tribute to your nine year old Lincoln. I feel like I know him now.

  2. Erika Says:

    I love these. When they turn 18 you need to print all of these off in a book for them. So well written Anne! We love Lincoln so much – he is one of the dearest little people I know.

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