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our teenage Silas. March 5, 2016

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well, once again, i realize that it’s been ridiculously long since i’ve posted.  also, it’s taken me way too long since silas’ actual birthday to take (& therefore post) these pictures.  we celebrated tate’s 7th birthday yesterday, which was the final kick-in-the-pants.  enough is enough.  here are my black & white portraits of silas, and some of si & his brothers, too.  instead of writing a post about the teenager himself, i thought i’d share the letter that i wrote to him for his big “NOT Mitzvah” celebration.  we gathered over 20 letters to silas, from friends and family near and far.  it was a special night of celebrating the wonderful young man that silas is and giving him good advice for becoming a man in our world.  so, without further ado…



dear Silas,

happy 13th birthday, my son, my Si-Boy!  as we celebrate YOU tonight, Silas, i am filled with emotion…  it is bittersweet to say good-bye to your childhood while we anticipate all of the exciting adventures awaiting you in adulthood.  the first 13 years of your life have truly flown by and i cherish all of the special memories we have made and moments we have had together.  in my mind, you have had an exceptional childhood — not because of anything Dad or I have done, but because YOU have always been one amazing boy.  tonight YOU get all of the credit for the smart, thoughtful, kind, loyal, funny, and compassionate young man that you have become.  when i think of you, Silas, my heart bursts with pride.  i am SO very proud of you.


tonight marks your rite of passage as you enter manhood.  i must say, i cannot wait to watch you and walk alongside of you in this journey, this new chapter of your story.  whether it’s navigating high school, girlfriends, driving, facial hair, first jobs, college or sports, i know that you will do a spectacular job, and we will always be here to cheer you on.  we will be here to give hugs, high fives, advice, prayers and help when you need it.  my hopes for you as you enter your teenage years are these:


**like your parents, you are a perfectionist. i hope that you will work hard, but that you’ll also let yourself off the hook every now & then and call it quits at “good enough.”

**i hope that you will continue to have the confidence to always be your true self — the unique individual that God has designed you to be.

**i hope that you will have the courage to make wise choices, regardless of what others choose to do.  where you lead, i believe others will follow.

my prayer for you tonight is the same prayer that i have prayed for you and your brothers at countless bedtimes over the years — that you would become everything that God dreams for you to be.  and also this, that you would have the eyes to see and the ears to hear God’s presence in your life and his voice speaking to you.  He will help you write a one-of-a-kind story with your life!


i love you, my teenage son.  you will always be in my heart and I will always be here for you.

love ALWAYS.




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