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silas, our young man. March 8, 2017

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Version 2

our oldest son, Silas, turned 14 this past January! it always seems to take me longer to post photos and share about our oldest son than the younger two… probably because it’s a bit harder to hang onto Silas long enough to snap a few photos. when he’s not in school, he is most often out galavanting around the neighborhood or around town with his buddies. and, after 14 years of having his photo taken by Mom, at this point, he is only reluctantly putting up with the tradition because he is about as sweet and good-natured as a teenager can be (knock on wood). so, here we are in March, already past Tate’s birthday too, and i’m finally able to post photos and tell you a little about our Silas, the 14-year-old.

Version 2

Version 2

Silas. what a good kid. i mean man. or, young man, let’s say. as always, Silas is a good student. he is smart and uses his time wisely and has never had any issues in school. he is an academic natural — enough so, that we had a conversation in the past half-year about what a valedictorian is and told Silas that for him, it’s an attainable goal. IF he wants to pursue his academics hard-core — he is entering high school next fall. Si is such a social guy, and our community is SO very athletics-driven (while Phil & i aren’t so much), that my guess is that he’ll stick with sports. we do love that he is active and enjoys the camaraderie that team sports provide. and we’d both hate for him to feed his [inherited] perfectionist nature by becoming ultra-competitive with grades, so i don’t see either of us pushing too hard for a top GPA. but, it had to be said. there could be more to life as a teenager than sports. Silas played football again this past fall and loved being on the 8th grade team. i am grateful that he made it through 3 years of football without any major injuries. this spring, he is replacing track with lacrosse, and my guess is that he’ll love it. it will be fun to watch him discover a new sport and to play with so many of his friends.

one of my favorite things about Silas is his creativity. this past year, he and his friends made a few videos of themselves doing fun contests, edited the footage and posted the videos on youtube. they are pretty entertaining — Si’s sense of humor comes shining through the finished products. they also spend a lot of time downtown coming up with creative things to do — creating games to play involving the gondola, “hammocking” under bridges and in the woods, riding the free bus around the county, and hanging out at two different “loaf & jug” gas stations. i’m thankful that he has remained close friends with the other 8th grade guys in the neighborhood and that they’ve added new friends to their group as well. Silas is also creative at home — over the week that the boys had off of school in February, Silas decided to turn one of his favorite games on his phone, “Clash Royale,” into a board game. he and his youngest brother, Tate, spent many hours designing, drawing and coloring an intricate game board and Silas created individual cards for each of the characters in the game.

like every other 14-year-old, Silas has his “teenage” moments. he says all sorts of new words that he has determined are cool to say — “sick” and “woke” are good; “roasted” and “riiiiip” (as in R.I.P.) are bad. all three boys seem to make noise constantly. just try sitting down with our family to play a game of any sort and you’ll see what i mean. at first i thought it was really just Lincoln who couldn’t sit still and Tate who was constantly making noise. now i realize they get it from Silas! he’ll say a phrase or make a certain noise over and over and over until one of us says, “okay, Silas.” and then a few moments later, he’s on to the next repetitive sound. it’s enough to drive any parent insane.  : ) Silas also tells more and more jokes these days. let’s just give him credit by saying some of them are funny…

Version 2

Silas has been sharing a bedroom with his brothers ever since Lincoln was a baby — ten years ago. he has been such a good sport about it and such a great big brother. he has asked over the years if we think he will ever get to have his own room. he’s never begged or pleaded and very rarely complains about having to share. so, now that he’ll be going into high school, we have decided to re-arrange our small home to make it work for Silas to have his own room. in our minds, he has most certainly earned his own space — and we’re so excited for him! with this privilege (and growing up in general), will come more responsibility — like setting his own alarm (i usually wake him up in an attempt to let his brothers, whose school begins much later in the morning, sleep in longer), doing his own laundry, more chores around the house, etc.

while there is so much more to say about our firstborn, i’ll just finish by saying: Silas, you are our pride and joy! thank you for being AWESOME. we cannot wait to see all that this next year of your life has in store for you!


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